Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finally we started writing it !!!

With a lot plans and efforts.. we (me n kumar) finally started writing the profiles... guess when ... yesterday night at 2 am.. :) and continued till around 5 am.. ya.. tht's the beauty of it.. i guarantee you that the profile reading sessions are gonna be great fun.. but much more than that we njoyed writing each and every points.. we have right now started with Girija, Arun, Parth and Atish. The first draft of the profiles will be mailed soon.. till then keep thinking of more points for the other people.. and do try having discussion session within urself... adn dont tell me that u guys have to submit report and stuff.. whenever u r free or need a break and u see another hole-diggers around.. start bitching.. start digging.. and dont forget to just jot it down.. i bet u'll njoi it.. it's fun !!

adios amigos,

Monday, April 7, 2008

Heee Hheeee Haaa Haaaaa.......You are Dead Buddyyyy

Am gonna look after your profile Parth..........tu to gaya yaarrrrrr

Friday, April 4, 2008

WE : The People !!

We (Kumar me n atish) have been talking a lot about profile reading for each one of us at IDC.. As u all must have either listen to a live profile
in last year's valfis or atleast wud have heard of them.. Of my four years of Btech stay, my Valfi night.. my profile time.. was u
can the say the best time spent.. to know who were with me all those years.. and for them to know me better before i bid good bye...
ya.. everything..
the guds..
the bads..
the laughs together..
the cryings in those shahrukh movies...
the stealing of their grubs..
the watching pondies together..
the flirting their girl friends..
the back bitings..
the loving eachother..
the gay clubs..
the cleavages..
the struggles..
the screw ups..
the crushes..
the puches..
and the everything..
on one hand when everybuddy's f**king tensed about what cud come in his/her profile... on another it's the day when u feel "it's ur day"...

I was being very nostalgic.. and very senti working alone from last few weeks.. but yesterday.. yesterday was great.. being together at the lake
side.. really. it didnt make a difference how much time we all actually spent talking to eachother.. the thing was everybody was around... and
that felt nice.. i might sound a bit dramatic... but lets have it all written somewhere.. as our profiles... bound together in a book.. kinda a slambook.. signed by
each one of us... to be kept with us whole through our life as the memory of these 2 not so great but good years.. :P :)

Let's write for ourselves.. let's write for every hole-digger. (I've mailed u all a doc file, plz refer to it and start writing, hope 2 see a gud amnt of input from everybody for everybody). :)


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Come alive

It's time to come alive for the hole-diggers from their sleep.
It's time to say what we think of ourselves.
It's time to read profiles ;-)

So hole-diggers come alive and start writing profiles of each one of us except owns'.
One of the hole-diggers will be formally contacting us about how to write and to what extent to write. Well rest is upto our imaginations.