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The Hole-digger's (not so) nightmare part III

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Now its time to introduce yourself properly to world of HOLEDIGGERS.
Let's learn following terminologies:

Its an very avid & intense act performed; by a group of diligently working, excessively brainy species of human being, currently situated in the deeper most caves (media lab) of IITB region & who are otherwise referred as Interaction designers ( to recognize their distinguished presence by the world); in order to not to get swayed by the practices thrown upon them by the so called treacherous HCI education regime, and instead the act represent an courageous & rebellious approach to continuously raise the battle against current education norms and indulge oneself into true self development activities……Do you really want to know?

Person performing above activity is known as Holedigger

[Holedigger's qualities]:

  • Courage to first yawn, followed by dozing, with subsequent sleeping in the class
  • Habitual late coming
  • Ability to give & receive missed calls
  • Ability to draw , sketch, doodle atleast scribble
  • Intuition to understand when the class is to be over
  • Creativity to convert a boring lecture into interesting discussions by draggin teacher's attention to happening topics

[Holedigger's Laws]:

Holedigger's 1st Law of postpone/ HD law of timelessness:

" Anything postponed , is cancelled "

Holedigger's 2nd Law of submission/ HD law of shamelessness:

" If the deliverables are shown at the last minute ,last moment of the deadline; there is high probability that not only your submission is truthfully accepted but also chances of transforming teacher’s psyche towards Holedigger are increased."

Holedigger's 3rd Law of self indulgence/ HD law of carefreeness:

"Amount of time spent in an lecture is directly proportional to the increase in attention span towards personal activities." OR

This law is also known as as HD law of anomalous behavior in scientific lingo and stated as follow:

"Amount of anomalous behavior [read as sleep or self development activities shown exclusively during the interaction lectures ] executed by an HD is directly proportional to the sum of remainder of abstract HD IQ equation* inherent to the characteristics of interaction design instructors."

*[The famous HD IQ equation]:
Interaction Quotient = ability to [ understand user problems at any given cost & context + torture user with excessively mindless questions + interpret user’s burps or unstoppable yawns + cramp all gathered data in form of some doodles under name of models + brew over cocktails of confusions/ irrelevant conclusions under team exercise of affinity]+… many other abilities that keeps you awake during the HCI conferences

[Hole diggers rights]:

  • At least two Hole diggers must come late to the class at a time or the class will not be started
  • Keeping professors waiting is amongst the fundamental rights of the HD.
  • An HD must start work a night prior to the deadline
  • An HD must involve in some useful personal activities such as doodling, discussing, surfing etc. right after 5 mins of lecture commencement. This right is given keeping in view for personal development of HD.
  • An HD must continue to prepare presentation until he/she’s called upon by the instructor .During the presentation an HD must present everything else in the world surrounding the topic but the topic itself

would like you all develop above terms plus include your own HD terms:

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