Thursday, April 9, 2009

Re: Hole-diggers after one year

Now Atya has a given an overview of whats happening in Hole-digger's life I will take to you through the details>
You will see whats going in HD's life through some important activities they are doing... So here it goes... :P
Details as follows

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

From me too!!

Hey all, here's one more from me..
Happy birthday Chimu and Giri.
I was trying to find some photos of "Boo" to make a card for Giri (Arun will know why BOO) :D and then thought of making this 2-in-1 card :P
Whoever has seen this movie will agree to me that these characters very much resemble our two hole-diggers.. :)
Miss you all...

NB: one more good news which I wanted to share with you all (Atya ne already likh diya hai vaise), I've got engaged to Bhakti, wedding date is 2nd of December 2009. :) You all will recieve an invitation once rest of the the things get confirmed. :)

tk cr. adios, sURi'09.

Happy Birthday Giri and Chinmoy :) :- Hole Diggers After almost a year

This is an illustration which I created to update you all about whats going on in each hole diggers life as per my knowledge. I have tried to keep in contact with you all, but sorry if sometimes m not able to talk to all of you. I am missing you guyz a lot. Yaar agar tum sab log saath me hote tho bahut maje aate .......Please friend keep this blog alive and keep posting. I don do it often but do it sometimes and will try to do it whenever I get chance.

There are many things which are going in my life which I want to share with you all, some good things, some bad things and some very important things. These are few words which may not make sense to all of us but, for me its a small description of whats going on in our life.

I miss you all. This post is dedicated to our Giri and Chinmoy baba who are celebrating their birthday today.
Wish you both Many Many Happy Returns of the Day :)

Everyone take care and keep posting.