Wednesday, May 13, 2015


re-prise is a repeated passage in music

When we started this blog idea was to keep our creative juices flowing and mingle and then something comes out of it. As we moved forward in our lives, this idea somehow faded out. It was like dust settling on old items.
With recent mail chain we have kind of shaken off this dust.
So let's get started again.

A small note or photograph (original) will make this more rich.
Let's post by the characteristic of each hole-digger.

Belated Happy Birthday to Girija and Chinmoy. I just figured out that you had birthdays in April !

Monday, November 7, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011


Dear friends ...
its Friday and I got so bored after the day's work... I was playing around new app called Androidify:
and here I came up with all cool avatars ...check out n hav fun:

  • Bindhass Bijju

  • Punter Parth

  • Champion Chinmu
  • Kooooool Kumar
  • Fantastic Falguni
  • Shining Shilpa
  • Rapchik Ruchi

  • Gangster Giri
  • Superstar Suri
  • Vella Varun
  • Darling Deepti
  • Amazing Atya
  • Incredible Ishneet
  • Rockstor Roli

and yours beloved

Artist Arun :D

Hope you all liked it :P