Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gujju Hospitality

Well..I forgot to share...the other day I visited the dear home in Ahmadabad of our beloved poppa hole digger.
One piece of advice: Plan your trip and do not eat for a couple of days before visiting his place!
I had not had the luxury of gujju hospitality before...but tell you the truth..I was completely full..from stomach to heart. Though I had the privilege of many a dishes the one that was most unique was something called 'Mattha' [Poppa, I hope I spelled it right.] felt something like a mix of icecream and shrikhand! Just delicious!!

And I must say poppa and bhabhi are a really cute couple! Wedding pics look a lot different than real life but in their case there's no exception. They are just as amazing!

And later we visited MICA [Mudra Institue of Communications] to visit one of my friends. A trip on outskirts of Ahmadabad...on a cloudy afternoon. Just a perfect day!

Thanks Kumar!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

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